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Adam Prince
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Some really big companies still do www. such as google, ebay, facebook and paypal… Yes I know many other big notables indeed no longer do it…

I just switched to www. for my shops and my hosting business and my two reasons are:

1 – Redundancy – two paths to your site IF www. mapped direct to an IP address at domain registrar separate from nameserver1, nameserver2 records, in my case IP addresses for ns1 and ns2, whilst different to each other are also different again to the unique IP that is the root of my http://www.mysite as recorded at the registrar, although that requires a premium level DNS service to allow to set that record.

2 – If your site uses cookies – serving content from www. is to serve from a cookie-less domain… which means less bytes and faster served content – small difference in less bytes but definitely tested as faster, this was the one single reason that convinced me to change my ideology on the subject as I’d always previously been a http:// non-www guy for many years. I even had to get all my SSL certs re-issued for www. this year to make the change-over.

If you setup a yoursite.com to http://www.yoursite.com redirect at your site’s root, you can still market your site to your clients as yoursite.com, which when typed into the browser (as non-www) will still then redirect to the www. when the visitor’s browser arrives at your site…

Or redirect the other way if you really want to but I would recommend that if you want your site to get found in organic search results then consider only having one version of your site available as search engines see the two versions as different sites and also you want all and any in-bound links from other sites to be only to one of the two versions and not diluted between the two.