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I’m very interested in this topic! So far we’ve found word of mouth has worked sort of ok, but it’s kind of dribs and drabs in terms of traffic.

I absolutely think it’s important to be tracking results, because one just doesn’t know what is happening otherwise, so we have website stats set up on our site, and clear ways for people to contact us (We hope!) :)

Secondly, one needs to know the audience well, and what they’re interested in. Directed, interested traffic is much better than uninterested traffic. So, a business card in the hands of someone who talks to people who are always asking for your service is worth 1000 business cards in the hands of people who don’t want your service (electronic or otherwise). Our targeting could definitely be better, but finding these people is a trick all of its own!

Thirdly, (maybe this should be first?) the materials about your product/service and the product/service itself has to be top notch – high quality, and answer all the questions people may have. If this is done well enough, it can be your sales team, afterall! :)

All of this need to be continually improved, of course, in iterative stages, constantly. That’s why information and tracking your activity and results comes first: it informs the other two.

Hope this helps,