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Hi Steph,

Firstly, a huge congratulation for taking the leap :-)

I have been a small business owner for 15+ years and out of that I have learnt a lot but the BIGGEST tip I can give anyone is stick to what you know and surround yourself with people in their fields.

1 – Spend a tiny bit of money and speak to an accountant to set up your structure for you, please do this, as it will cost you more in the long run if it’s not setup to suit your needs.. You will need an accountant anyway for end of year tax, so find one that works with SME’s. It’s a tiny investment for peace of mind.

2 – Get a book keeper for BAS etc. I have one and she costs about $180 a month (I do BAS monthly). I prefer to pay her to do it so I can focus on my business. I only use my accountant for end of year. If you do all the entering of invoices and payment etc, the book keeper can do the BAS in an hour and save you a lot of headache and money.

I know when you are starting out paying someone to do these things seems a stretch, but it lets you focus on your business.

FOR EXAMPLE: You may spend a couple of months doing courses on business management, taxes, payroll etc (either free or paid courses), when what you should be spending the time on is marketing – planning and executing, social media, content marketing, website development, creating images for your marketing and content etc, you get the idea.

The longer you delay your marketing the longer it will take to establish yourself.

There are plenty of marketing courses out there, I know there is a guy on Flying Solo that has a video academy website that steps you through it all (So sorry I can’t remember his name).

Regarding the different websites and emails, that will be a personal preference if you want to market them separately then yes have different emails for each part of the business, I have a few brands that sell different products and I have separate names for the brands and they run independently form the main business.

Good luck and sorry for the long post :-)