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Thanks for the replies!

We already have an accountant but I’m not 100% confident in his abilities…. I might look for another one as you said Mischelle specialised in SME’s… We are seeing him next week anyway and maybe from there I’ll see if he gives me confidence ;)

I completely understand what you are all saying… hire the right people to do the jobs they are specialised to do…. instead of wasting my time and then waste time on the part of the business that I WANT to spend time! The book keeper is a good idea I think too.

So I will read some things online regarding the basic finances for a company so I can get my head around it and not just agree with anything the accountant! That must be my engineering side that wants to understand everything! Any pointers for great websites for basic info?

I will also look into the marketing side of things. Good idea. I might put a post to see if anyone knows of the person you are referring to Mischelle! Although I am pretty lucky that my husband, as a Town Planner is involved at the infancy stage of building projects, so I have his whole contact list to “attack” and hopefully they will give me a go! Same with my mum’s art, I will be using it in my designs! :) I think the synergy is pretty good! (I hope! haha!)

Thank you all again!