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How can you not have come across the issues? I’d be intersted to hear how you use C&S. Anything to avoid these issues.

They push out a lot of “updates” but I don’t see anything in terms of new functionality or fixes.

I’ve logged a couple of cases with them about the main issues. For the business 250 discount not being applied, I spent half an hour on the phone with a lady demonstrating the issue. I gave her a couple of sample files and we identified the issue. But that was 10 months and no change.

I want to partner with those who see my success as contributing to their success. Just breaking stuff and not being johnny on the spot to fix it is unacceptable.

I import my orders via CSV diectly into C&S. I don’t use ebay interface.

The main reason we stick with them is because we ship a lot of items under 500g so the flat rate 500g satchel works best.

There are better rates in the heavier weights from other vendors. They also seem to be faster, cheaper, easier, more convenient.

Sorry if this sounds barbed. That’s the redditor coming out in me.