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Mark091, post: 224935, member: 73409 wrote:
Hey guys/gals

Long time lurker, so had to courage to register today :) Awesome people on here with great advice!

I have a few questions which i hope someone can answer.

I recently started a commercial cleaning business, i currently have a few contracts, which is based on our first one who referred us, which is great :) My question is, how much does someone in my industry usually charge an hour? I heard most are charging $30? I’m just a bit confused on what usually cleaning businesses will charge.

I was reading about it on here that they use to charge $30 an hour back 10 years ago! I mean i don’t want to drop my standards as we deliver great quality work, but it’s just hard if i was to say, raise it to $38p/h

Any information or guidance is greatly appreciated!

Actually, I have sold around 4 commercial cleaning businesses in the last couple of decades.

It sounds like you have a foundation, however, I would suggest charging what might be considered a ‘competitive’ rate until you have enough clients that you can slowly increase the price.

What a customer will be willing to pay will depend upon many factors. So, do a great job and slowly feel out what your customers value your work at.

Simon Harrison
Perth Window Cleaning