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Roman K
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RichLucas, post: 225489, member: 66557 wrote:
For example, I know I should pick up the phone and call people or get out and meet new people more often, but in the past I just haven’t done it. I wouldn’t say I’m a 100% introvert but the tendency and back-story certainly lean that way.

I used to be an introverted tech geek. You can’t stop me now from picking the phone and making calls. Here is what I have done to transform:

1) You need to start LOVING sales. Full Stop

2) To do that you need to learn a simple process below.

3) Approach each and every call with one rule: to give massive value to the person on the other side. People buy from who they love & trust

4) Use the technique most successful athletes apply: disassociate from the outcome. If your goal is to help people on the call it feels great. Doesn’t matter if you make a sale or not. What is the worst case scenario? You didn’t make a sale but changed someone’s life! Feels great, give you a lot of power

5) Forget about closing techniques from 70s, 80s, and 90s. It doesn’t work in modern work where we are connected online.

6) Introduce a powerful morning ritual that will set your day and will make you unstoppable for the rest of the day

7) This is a very short summary.

Let me know if you need more details. Happy to elaborate and share the full process I follow & how I put myself into this unstoppable cold and warm calling mindset. It works like a charm & couldn’t be happier to jump on the phone, mate.