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Karen Francis, post: 231254, member: 72549 wrote:
Hi Andre,

The “smoke and mirrors” of SEO can be a challenge to decipher. While the Google algorithm changes regularly (and it does) the core of search results has not changed in over a decade. Google never wanted people to ‘game’ the system, but simply wants to deliver the best results for what a user is searching for.

That being said, what are you wanting to achieve more, Brand awareness or product awareness? If it’s branding, then the methods you would use are somewhat different in the focus of how you approach things.

For a lift in visibility of your products, doing research of the main keywords people already come to your site for, along with suggested keywords, then weaving them through quality content will go a long way to lifting your site presence. Google is only a robot, and is still figuring out what images mean, so having more words would bring you up further in results. Then of course, linkbuilding through local listings, reviews and quality related sites would also have benefit.

I hope that gives you some ideas :)
Hi Karen,

Apologies I’ve been off the forum for quite a while, thanks so much for your thoughts :) We’ve been focusing on growing our presence in retail stores over the last year but I’m keen to take another look and start trying to get our online store firing. Hope you have a great 2019 too!