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I agree with John. We sell live plants so go even further with information on product care, best time to purchase, etc. Having additional information will help indemnify you and some customers may find it useful, it can also be good for SEO and it’s much easier to write a friendly email with a link than constantly reanswering the same questions.

However, you’ll find some customers won’t bother to read the information you provide (more now than ever as they maybe ordering from a phone) and won’t care. Right or wrong, they’ll still feel it’s your responsibility to fix it. And I think that’s probably what you are facing now. You are in the right but the way you handle it can influence if she ends up a cranky customer or not. By no means do I think you should eat the loss but think about creating a solution that works for both parties. I tend to weigh it up case by case. Recently I did replace something for a customer well over a year after purchase but I weighed up he was a small order but multi repeat customer and as he was placing another order postage wasn’t an issue. I let him know I was doing it as a favour to him and didn’t bring up policy at all.
I don’t have a lot of issues but when I do rather than just point out policy I’ll do something like point out policy and then give them a coupon code for a replacement plant with their next order. Or possibly a dollar amount or percentage off if it’s something like Australia Post being late. This probably wouldn’t be a solution for all businesses but I find it separates the freebie punters from the more genuine and I feel better that we’ve both contributed to a solution. Generally the response I’ve gotten to this particular way of dealing with it has been pretty good.

Anyway, hope you find something that works for you but no way are you responsible for a 15 month old bathing suit that probably lives on the back of a lounge chair.