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Paul Leach
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Helen27, post: 230465, member: 28729 wrote:
Thanks for the pointers, I’d love to get more reviews.
My blog if on the top navbar under party ideas.
Hope my SEO guys nkow what they’re doing!
Im not on shopify.
And I know I can’t get first position, I just wanted to rank high enough to get, say, 6 sales a day. Thats all I’d need to be fine, even less for bigger sales. I don’t need (and couldn’t handle) the ‘one order every 9 seconds’ that The Party People get……… It really sounds discouraging right now from what I am hearing, I don’t seem to have any actual chance of really ranking at all.
Hi Helen,
Some of my ecommerce clients get good results from shopping comparison sites like MyShopping.com.au, the cost per click is typically much lower than Adwords or Google Shopping. The visitors from these sites are really in the buying mood and conversion rates are much higher than standard visitors that land on your home page as these visitors go straight to the product page.
Don’t let previous comments discourage you, just bear in mind that like any business it will take time to get off the ground, stick with it and good luck!