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Trent Tran
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Combes, post: 245068, member: 87648 wrote:
I dont have enough for a shopify store at the moment being still relatively new and sometimes not much sales.
This is the next best option while I have only small amounts of orders.

Wish i could afford shopify.

That is a lot of manual work. Why don’t you try a discount code on ebay or invest that printing on the website (shopify for example) which had apps to take care of this work for you at $10 usd a month roughly with 30 days free trial

Combes, do not wish, try it, $29 USD a month is very little. Imagine this, facebook ad will cost you $1 anyway per click, that is only 29 click?

If your business cannot generate $29 USD per month to cover this, try harder by writing content, finding blogger to promote you like many others have already suggested. For example, if you are selling perfume, get samples to Australia Perfume Junkies blog, to promote it. If you are selling jewelry, join Meetup group to network. This is extremely low cost but quite effective. It will take time but as long as you are passionate about it, it will work.