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Byron Trzeciak
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I think you’ve got some great advice already, I particularly enjoyed John’s response and his line about “I would immediately kill this line from your LinkedIn profile, I am a copywriter. Do I love what I do? I don’t know – maybe.”

I couldn’t agree more.

For me personally it’s just far too busy. Too many images, too many things popping out of me but none are for your call to action.

The first button on the home page goes to a 404 page – https://www.thecopywriters.com.au/pages/about-us-2

Everything seems to be black and white on the copy shop page and there aren’t any coloured buttons for add to cart until you get to the actual single product page.

I think alot of business owners get lost on the glamorous side of web sites and especially lead magnets and free blogging courses. Realistically for a new website, with little content, I would expect the conversions on signups to be very low yet you’re giving it so much priority on your site.

To click buttons like marketing / web design and then be sent to you store doesn’t make sense to me. I think what I’d prefer to see is more about what I’m getting, who have you written for so far, what’s an example of the articles you’ve written et etc.

All the best with it, hope this helps.