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Byron Trzeciak, post: 230464, member: 56118 wrote:
I think you’ve got some great advice already, I particularly enjoyed John’s response and his line about “I would immediately kill this line from your LinkedIn profile, I am a copywriter. Do I love what I do? I don’t know – maybe.”

I couldn’t agree more.

It may not be the smartest decision – but I’m going to leave this. It’s the truth and it’s suppose to get people to keep reading my profile. Whether it works, is another question.

Thanks for picking up the link error.

It’s all great advice. The challenge at this point is working with the website template we have. Every time we try to change something – the design will go all crazy. While the simple solution is to get a new website, it’s weighing up what is most important right now. For us, it’s keeping our current clients happy and managing the workflow. So I’ll focus on what I can achieve with the current website design that will have the biggest impact which looks to be changing the ‘what we do page’ with examples of our work.

Thanks again.