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soulmerchandise, post: 230276, member: 77825 wrote:
if i wanted to change bank accounts or anything like that eway charges you 99.00 everytime for it..

Hi SoulMerchandise,

That fee would have been for the older type of account where we were only providing the gateway and needed to swap your merchant account details as well as billing details, depending on which bank you use and whether you have other card types like Amex + Diners activated there can be quite a bit of administration involved – which the fee covered.

Since we’ve been offering the full service with our own merchant accounts there’s no fees for any of that sort of thing (there’d be no point anyway, you could just close your account and open a new one!), no setup fees, monthly fees or flat transaction fees, just the merchant service fee – and we’re the only payment gateway that doesn’t hit you with that minimum flat transaction fee.

Let me know if you want to talk about anything to do with your account or any one you’ve referred to eWAY as it’s possible that your described scenario is on a really old account and we should be moving them to a new pricing model.