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John Debrincat
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Vultures, post: 230016, member: 71697 wrote:
[USER=2969]@John Debrincat[/USER] (and OP) hope you don’t mind if I derail the thread slightly – I just wanted to know at what point I should get the 30 day eCorner trial store started?

I am commissioning a logo/branding at the moment, and will be placing an order for stock within a week – this will take around 60-90 days to arrive which means I can’t do product photography until then.

Should I wait until then to start the trial? Will I need to have other things already set up like bank merchant account, eWay, Temando, all the various policies etc?

Also I saw the ePages themes for purchase, there were only 8 though, I’m sure I can find one that suits, but just wondering if that’s all that is available or are there more?

Thank you!

Hello [USER=71697]@Vultures[/USER] you can start the trial when ever you like really. If the purpose is to use the 30 days free period to get the shop setup then you just need to let us know prior to the end of the 30 days and we can save the trial shop. The trial shop can be converted to one of the paid monthly packages when you are ready to launch. You can also export any content you add to a trial shop to a CSV file and you can export the design.

If the purpose is understanding the way the system works then start sooner rather than later.

eWAY can help you get the bank merchant account setup and they can get accounts created in a few hours. So there is not much lead time needed there.

We are adding new paid themes and you will see more arrive shortly. We are scheduling an update later this month with a number of improvements.

However regarding design let us know what you are looking for as we can generally accomplish a lot in the free themes. You just need to know which to start with which can require some advice from us.