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Hi Tommy,

We’ve been setting these up for several years and as a result I’ve tried quite a few. Some were great, some were disastrous!

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Engin as the VOIP provider and 3CX as the Hosted PBX. I use it for my own business with Cisco SPA504G handsets and it works absolutely brilliantly. It even comes with a free app for your mobile phone so you use it an extension on your phone system!

My setup is;

Engin Mobile Saver ($19.95 per month) free local/national/400 mins mobile
Engin 1800 number
3CX Virtual Phone System
Cisco SPA504G handsets

I also had a few professional voice overs done so when you call my main business Number you get my Automated Attendant that says “Thanks for calling IT Blitz, Press 1 to Book a Technician, 2 for Customer Service, 3 for Accounts …etc etc”

Even though VOIP doesn’t use much data, it always helps to have a decent internet connection (at least 8mbps download and 1mbps upload), obviously I would never recommend using VOIP over WI-FI (unless through the app). Also I found that different hosting providers tend to work better with different brands of handsets (although Cisco is usually a pretty safe bet).

Feel free to message me if you have any questions! Good luck with it :)

Kind regards,

IT Blitz Tech Support