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There is nothing ‘wrong’ with the site-as such it is just a bit bland, it does not really project a distinctive identity, it looks somewhat generic. I suggest having an explain-er video, rather than a block of text – you could also break your text up into smaller paragraphs-this is especially good for the mobile device browser where text blocks are endless (mobile browsing is now surpassing desktop) So the video is going to help you there PLUS if this same video is set up properly it can appear in your location (geo-targeted) and drive more traffic from ‘G’. I would just strive to be more distinctive. If it was my project I would start with the video, I have good results from ranking these.
Setting up a blog section is always useful for SEO and people interest, tell a few stories about your particular perspectives and approaches, mix it up, of course a social media presence (done right) is going to really boost engagement and targeted interest. You could do with a good thrashing really, from a marketing point of view – a makeover.