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Thanks for the feedback Michael.The goal with the website was really to let our work do the talking, and simplicity of navigation/interaction to be part of our identity. As we update with some better projects hopefully that happens, but I definitely see what you mean, and have taken it on board that we might need to add some ‘bang’.

A video is a good idea. That is a few months away project rather than a few days away. A pro job would be required, an average DIY video by us would nearly have the opposite effect I reckon.

We actually do have a blog section (though we’re not updating it regularly), however it is clearly not easy to find judging by your comments. We tried to keep the most important pages for a new browser in the top-bar while putting the pages more relevant to return customers in the bottom-bar so as not to clog up the top-bar. and the fact the we deliberately removed the bottom bar from the homepage in order to simplify it probably doesn’t help… however I’m inclined to leave it like this and start tracking whether others are having the same problem. If no-one is finding the blog/news section, look to change it then.