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El Arish Tropical Exotics, post: 230046, member: 6734 wrote:
Thanks Maclean, for your input. My discussion with your sales rep was about adding eway rather than replacing paypal and results that I could achieve by having both. I pretty much chalked it up to an overzealous pitch when I heard it but thought I would see if anyone here could share their results.

I am going to add another credit card option. Paypal has offered me 2% on all my transactions which is a bit of a bonus for me as I was at 2.2% but I do thank you for clearing that up.
Hi Ann

Not sure if this message has been clear here, although the benefit of adding paypal AND a merchant gateway is providing your buyers with choice. This way if a buyer is particularly fond of paypal (as some are due to eBay exposure and marketing) or prefer a direct credit card gateway without the paypal middleman you are sure to capture them instead of potentially losing one or the other by not having the dual option :)


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