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HarryLuke Logistics, post: 230047, member: 34537 wrote:
Hi Ann

Not sure if this message has been clear here, although the benefit of adding paypal AND a merchant gateway is providing your buyers with choice. This way if a buyer is particularly fond of paypal (as some are due to eBay exposure and marketing) or prefer a direct credit card gateway without the paypal middleman you are sure to capture them instead of potentially losing one or the other by not having the dual option :)


Thanks Jason, I do understand that but I can’t afford to increase my costs for a tiny percentage of people who aren’t happy with the four payment options I offer. It would actually work against me if I saw 25% of my customers using Eway over Paypal because I would be paying a higher percentage. That’s why I say I’d need to see an increase in customers rather than a shift in the type of payment they use. I’m in a niche industry, I’m a small business and realized a long time ago I can’t make everyone a happy customer so prefer to focus on customers I can make happy.