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MD Clean
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Great post Stuart – the world is changing and SMB’s don’t know how to change with it.

The businesses that do well out of SMM aren’t unicorns because there are so many of them – they just know what works, are very disciplined and execute well – just like any field of endeavor.

I feel it is important to consider that demographics and human behavior is changing, particularly in relation to the screens people are using and strategies have to change with it. It wasn’t long ago that Gerry Harvey categorically ruled out having a web store because people didn’t actually buy stuff off the internet.

So we have discovered likes are worthless and Twitter is becoming less relevant by the day which are important because they inform us what not to do. And Stuart has added his experience around 1 thing not to do – a common trap.

So what, precisely, is working?

Find that out, apply it rigorously and go to the bank!