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Karen Francis, post: 230476, member: 72549 wrote:
…Google can see from a websites analytics data how many people come from Social Media and how engaged they are on your site. This gets factored into the position your site is ranked in Google search results…
Hi Karen,
I know this thread is about social media but if a statement about SEs in it seems to be incorrect, I feel it is important to seek clarification…

It seems many folk want to believe that G uses Analytics data in its ranking signal for such things as “engagement”.

The clearest statements I’ve seen from G spokespeople are:

Jun 15: Google Analytics Data is Not Used in Google Search Ranking

“This was one of the many questions raised by Danny Sullivan at SMX Advanced earlier this month during the Google AMA with Gary Illyes.

Gary Illyes was quite emphatic in his response that Google does not use any kind of Analytics data with their ranking. “We don’t use that,” he said. He then put his hand on his heart and said, “I can do this and say that we don’t use Google Analytics.”

In the same conversation, Illyes also said they do not use click data from the search results in ranking either.”

Nov 15: User Engagement as a Google Search Ranking Factor

“Despite both John Mueller and Gary Ullyes saying things like CTR and Google Analytics don’t have any impact on rankings, other than to test updated ranking signals, many people still believe otherwise.”

I know that Moz ran a study which said there was a correlation with these factors but a repeat of the study by another SEO business could not replicate its findings. Correlation does NOT equal causation.

Then there is the commonsense argument…

Smartphone searches have grown to be around 50% of all G searches in as little as 8 years.

The Analytics “engagement” parameters of session duration, pages viewed per visit and bounce rates for mobile accesses are much worse than for desktop accesses.

If G used engagement figures as a ranking signal then the more site visitors you had to your site on mobile devices, the worse your site’s ranking would be.

Why would we want mobile enhanced sites if they buried us in the search results?

Perhaps you can provide us with updated info from G that changes G’s position as I understand it.

PS: I’m a big fan of Michael Martinez from SEO Theory. Folks may find this article of use:

Many thanks & Regs,