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Morning Stuart,

Needed that insight, today of all days a little chuckle went down well…. ;)

Its an interesting thought you provoke, that you never really know what what someone is really about.. Never judge a book by its cover i guess is a commonly thrown around term…

Personally, i love the way you stayed silent (although doesnt sound much like a possibility to do otherwise) as its always important to be perceived as listening acutely as you just never know what else they may be up to – albeit a very successful person like this may not need your services, they may also be willing to pay you some $$.. LOL

Anyway, i got sidetracked… Being an introvert by nature, i have learnt over time that if someone is hell bent on trying to impress you and talks more than they listen that there is a higher likelihood that most of it is ‘elaboration’ more so than fact.. And adding to this, if they are also hell bent in the same conversation to over explain and repeat explanations about positive situations/goals/achievements get ready to pack your bags and RUN! -or disconnect the phone and blame your VOIP service.. LOL

Thanks again, enjoyed the read!


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