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Byron Trzeciak
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Whatever you do don’t go a keyword rich domain name just for the sake of Google. I once saw a business, i’ll change the name for the sake of this example, let’s say it was melbournesairconditioning.com.au (yes with the included s) not only that but they had two other businesses / competitors that were using melbourneairconditiong.com.au and melbourneairconditioning.com. (not these businesses, just using that as an example)

This is a nightmare, how will your customers even find you and you could unknowingly be sending customers to your competition because they think it’s you.

Just focus on a branded domain name but make sure you optimise your website accordingly. Do your research with SEO and understand how you can create a nice site structure especially if you’re selling online because it’s critical.

I was given some good advice once that your domain name should be phone call friendly. You don’t want to have to spell something out everytime. For example I saw a business the other day “Frenz Like U Cafe” – try explaining that on the phone, what a nightmare.

You can do the redirect but it’ll have no impact on your SEO. Google will only index your primary URL so the keyword domain will just be for you or your customers but won’t show so it’s probably pointless. Stick with one domain name and build the authority and popularity in one place. Don’t make the mistake of buying 20 domain names because you think it will help your SEO, costly and a waste of time.