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Brad Turville
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Hey Richo,

There’s always 3 sides to it right – what you’d sell for, what the other party want to pay and what the market would pay.

I’ll take a guess but you are mostly likely a minority shareholder and there is a shareholder agreement in place meaning you have to offer your shares back to the current shareholders or a business buy/back.

The greatest part of selling a business (or your shareholdings) is there is no correct calculation or correct answer. It is a negotiation and remember, the value is only based on the businesses future performance. The profitability may be $350k today but if they are forecast to be $700k next year, then your strategy will change as will your asking price.

I work with a few experts in this space to advise my clients so drop me a line if you are interested.

Oh, and keep in mind MenuLog was recently purchased for 371x profit