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Hi Roxanne,

I just want to add that it is difficult for anyone to recommend a platform based on the information you’ve given. The decision on which platform to go for would depend on your current business situation and, very importantly, your projections and goals for the short to mid term. It does seem like your developer has considered these and has weighed up the pros and cons of both.

Wordpress and WooCommerce is a relatively simple and elegant solution but is limited out-of-the-box and can become ‘clunky’ for large-scale operations and stores processing hundreds of transactions a day.

Magento is extremely powerful but far more complex. While both are ‘limitless’ in their potential, in my experience, Magento scales better to larger operations and can handle growth better. That’s something you would definitely want to discuss with your dev and I’m glad you have a close working relationship with them.

I think you’ve gone down the right path though and you seem confident in the decision, which is a good thing.

Good luck for the future :-D