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Hi Roxanne,
Be careful to question the SEO advice you are given.

IMHO, John Trantor gave the most valuable (above) in that he addressed the importance of site design and structure on SEO. (Ref: “it’s actually far more dependant on the theme than the platform“.)

Most platforms will offer SEO plug-ins for managing URLs, titles, meta tags, etc. Of themselves, these SEO plug-in functions do NOT boost a page’s search ranking.

It seems to me, that what e-commerce carts are designed to do is handle the boring back end bits of shopping and their SEO plug-ins’ primary functions are to fix the problems created by their systems.

If I had to make a “guestimate”, I’d assign strategy, content, structure, design and internal links issues as 70+% of SEO importance. That leaves less than 30% to what can be managed by any cart’s SEO plug-in.

I believe shopping cart software is misnamed. It should be called a warehousing, delivery and invoicing system.

As a marketer, I find they all tend to denigrate online shopping to the lowest possible denominator of price.

If I was exploring shopping site software, I’d be looking for functions that supported online merchandising. Eg. Display, videos, personalisation for repeat sales, communications with site visitors and more.

I’d be very interested in John T’s comments on these observations.