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JohnW, post: 230323, member: 6375 wrote:
I’d be very interested in John T’s comments on these observations.
Geez JohnW, I’m just the poor sap who does the boring back end stuff, I try to leave the marketing to you professionals and just offer technical advice when I can.
From my side, SEO is trying to manage the contradictory hopes of the designer (clean, minimalist design) and the requirements of the marketeers (include ALL the content) :D

SEO plugins may help (Yoast for WordPress for example is very good) but Magento just needs a good theme and some fixes for the layered navigation.

JohnW, post: 230323, member: 6375 wrote:
If I was exploring shopping site software, I’d be looking for functions that supported online merchandising.
If there are any Magento CE users here not using Visual Merchandiser, I’ll tell you now to look at Visual Merchandiser.