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James Millar
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Redlands Accounting, post: 230040, member: 19202 wrote:
I currently operate using Handisoft, we use ledger and tax along with document manager but are considering getting practice manager as I need a CRM. I have used outlook for calenders and One Note for taking client notes but now feel like I need something that puts it all in one place. What are the views on Handisoft suite vs Myob AO? or any other alternatives that provide a full suite of solutions. We also use BGL for Super Funds but I would really like it to all be in one place so am considering looking at what handisoft offers for that. Would love feedback into what other accountants are using?

We use Hsoft and practice manager. The job flow function is great because we have a lot going on at any point in time. The user interface is a little old school but its very stable and has never let us down. We have evaluated Xero for this but are waiting for a few other features before we make the jump. Placing all of our clients information in the cloud under a subscription model is a big decision.

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