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Our current business we sell tools and we have our own brand that we have made in china and taiwan ( been doing this for over 14 years) We import them then onsell them to businesses. It is business to business and they are items that are essential for them to conduct business. We are at the top of the retail chain, you need our products to make your products which sometimes are not an essential item.
A few years ago we had a big wholesale side of the business but decided that it was too conflicting, we have a couple of whole sale customers but most of our sales are retail. It is cash on the day and we completely control the pricing. So much better for Cashflow. We found it really really difficult to do both.
In saying that we do sell some national brands to our existing customers. We buy them at whole sale and then sell them at retail, the markup is 30%. We of course promote our own brand as there are better margins in it for us.