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This happened to me as well. I have no idea who the person was but they complained that we gave bad advice about a product and that we would not give him is money back, he also said that we rude and to ” go away” and he had to go to consumer affairs to get his money back- all totally false.

I politely wrote back the truth saying that I could not find his name in our system where we record every sales transaction- which we do.
We have given customers their money back and the number is about 20 over 14 years and I stated that being less then 0.01% was really good. I also explained that I as the owner of the business I have never ever had a phone call or email from Consumer affairs regarding giving a customer their money back.
I asked that the customer contact me personally to clarify the situation.
Have had no response.

I personally think that it is best to address the review in a polite manner as stated above by Jbythebay.

I must say that I hid the review straight away for a few days so I could get my head around the situation and to think about it. I was really upset and wanted to address the review in the right manner, so after a few days I put the review up with my above response.

You can hide the ‘reviews’ section on your Facebook page if you think that is best for you.

There are lots of professional social media consultants here who probably will give you some fantastic advice as to what to do.
Mine advise is purely from personal experience, I totally understand how you feel.