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Byron Trzeciak
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I think Roxanne’s advice is solid. One of my customers received a really negative review on their Google My Business page and unfortunately they went into panic mode (because they’d forgotten their business login) and started adding reviews from their personal accounts even though they were the owners. It looked really bad.

Like Roxanne says, take a moment and breathe and try not to panic. Think about your options and then proceed with the best one. I’m in agreeance that ignoring negative reviews doesn’t look good so just respond and be honest.

Moving forward I really encourage businesses to focus on gaining great reviews so that if a situation like this does happen it will be less damaging because so many great reviews water down the bad ones. As Wendy says just focus on gaining good reviews moving forward and start watering down these negative ones you’ve got.

It’s horrible when someone tries to hurt a business unfairly, I feel for you. It likely comes from somebody that has never run their own business nor realise the damaging affect they might have.