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Karen Francis
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Thanks for the responses, guys and with both of you being technical SEO experts, I would expect nothing less.

Perhaps I should reword my first post slightly? Of course this is by no means an exhaustive list of what should be done in linkbuilding, it’s just some quick tips as a way for those with new websites to get some quick wins on the board when getting going. (and something that is fairly easy for them to do themselves.)

The methodology that you have both brought up I would not expect a new business owner to do, but for them to look to others with a specialist skill set.

From my industry experience, any website can benefit from having links from the locations I listed, especially if they are a new site, as it still gives out recognisable signals to Google.

I love that you have both talked about Yellow pages, I don’t regard them as a worthwhile lead source, purely as an opportunity for brand mentions. ;)