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Karen Francis
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Hey John thanks for the response,

As I said in my previous reply, this is in no way any exhaustive measure of how SEO works, or what linkbuilding is. I’m simply suggesting a way for people who don’t know about links to make a few that at least some credibility over the following options.

a) no links of any kind
b) low quality links
c) link farms

As to what I said, would you agree that Google has the ability to notice positive or negative comments and rating on a website through places like Google reviews and others? Have you seen it place a site with higher reviews higher in the search results? It’s not the only factor, but out of the over 200 elements that the algorithm considers, I have seen it make a difference.

The Panda patent that came out in 2014 indicated authorship, citations, reviews and other areas will have an impact, (search Moz, SEJ and others for information on that) and it is likely part of the larger semantic search more than core SEO… and (of course) it has changed since then. However… I still find it helps.

Again, it’s not the answer, just a quick tip.
If you were to give someone with a new site a quick way for them to develop some links, that would have at least a reasonable quality… what would you recommend?

I agree I missed out on Google My Business, thankyou for mentioning it. I have found many people get frustrated with the verification process required and never complete it, or the whole process takes many months to be done. For someone with a new site, they may just find it too hard.