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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your input. The unique part of the site is indeed the products themselves, so you are right in suggesting to keep the pricing as simple as possible. With that in mind, the product will be best priced to include 1 year support, so it’s clear to users what they are getting from the start. After that 1 year is over, they must extend their license/support for the product by purchasing an extension at a discounted rate (e.g. 30%).

The marketplace caters for cloud and on premise systems which is why a SAAS model will unfortunately not be suitable in this instance. As much as I’d like to adopt to subscription model, I can’t see a way around it at this stage. The main reason for this is because Author Joe could upload a product priced at $100, while Author Sarah uploads a product for $500 and Author Crimson a product at $1,000. A perpetual licence model is the only fair way in my eyes in a multi-vendor marketplace environment.