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Stuart B
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Hey there. I had a quick look and the site looks decent, but I think you’re missing a few opportunities from a design perspective. I’ll give you some tips based on my web design / graphic design background.

The site overall, though neat and tidy is kind of bland. The home page especially needs to really sell the concept of a personalised teddy bear. I can deduce what the deal is from the photos you’ve supplied but this should really be a nice sell page which showcases all the features…

Can i choose the style, material, colour? The writing on the jumper, the eyes? What else?

This is where I should look and go “wow my daughter would LOVE this”. The photos you’ve got are nice, but some are nicer than others.

The photos of the bears isolated on white are ok, but they’re not great. The lighting used here doesn’t do justice to the colours and soft furry textures of the bears and it kind of makes it look a little amateurish.

This isn’t an extensive review, but those are the things which stood out immediately to me when I came to the site.