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Rebekah_G, post: 230772, member: 76059 wrote:
Morning Jason,

No problem at all, in regard to your query;

My biggest concern is that many items will be bought from non businesses (individuals) and would more than likely not have documents or proof of purchase to go with the container.. Can i merely submit information as to what i paid for the items? Unfortunately, you will need proof of purchase, commercial invoice etc, without this you items will not be cleared with Australian customs

How difficult is it going to be re custom declarations and paperwork processing this side of the border to process? As above without proof of purchase you will not get it cleared through customs. If you are looking to sell your item commercially then this is very important and you will find it difficult, or impossible in fact :) If i can help you further please let me know I would be happy to assist.

There in lies my dilemma.. I obviously dont want to ‘falsify’ docs just to appease the customs aspect and the situation i am in is literally that items i will be buying will be from personal individuals that may or may not be commercially motivated to even want to provide a receipt etc..

Even if they did do a receipt, this receipt may not even live up to the commercial invoice requirements of our agencies :(

Let me explain, nothing is untoward here its just i want to go and buy a bucket load (container.. LOL) of stuff that i just cant get locally.. It will be sold this end, although it is of little value on the other side (USA)… Picture it this way, although its not exactly this way but may give insight, i go to a trade fair/market of sorts with people selling off their belongings and i buy some.. These individuals are not geared for commercially issued receipts as such (i have import experience from China for CI’s etc) which is creating the dilemma.. Are there not any situations whereby this could work? I just dont want to stop looking into something that is viable my end, all because i cant or have difficulties getting CI’s..

Again, i understand the CI legitimises the ownership of goods + customs can add duties although i thought if i physically bought ALL THE GOODS and collated them whilst in the states i could declare something..

Geez, i dont know how you work in freight importations – all too complex for me :(

Cheers and speak soon

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