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Thanks MrTax.. Both businesses are under my name and the one ABN. Where or how would I document this? On the Purchase Order? I am using MYOB, so I guess make a note that these are for Business B and paid for them from Business B’s finances.?

MrTax, post: 230649, member: 68601 wrote:
If both of these businesses are sole proprietor under your name then one way to deal with this is to simply have the second business pay the suppliers invoice directly for the stock that relates to it. The paperwork will be in the first businesses name but same ABN as its the same entity (you). You can document in your records that those particular stock orders were for your second business eventhough the account was in the name of your first business. If you document this correctly the ATO will accept it. If they were different legal entities it may be somewhat more risky to take this approach.