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I’ve been struggling with that question myself lately – feeling that my passions were disconnected from what I do in my business. (And I’ve also been asking myself: “is there anything necessarily wrong with that?) I dug up some notes from a course I did 12 years ago via Passion Maps. I was quite shocked to realise that the things I’d connected with back then are the main things I’m still passionate about now. Thing is, to answer that question of what I would do if money were no object … they’re either idealistic “let’s change the world at the coal-face” volunteer/humanitarian/activist things, or they’re things I don’t want to do for a living (like spiritual practices or playing with crystals and aromatherapy).

Coincidentally, I’m currently brainstorming ways to integrate more of my passions into my work, like the fairly obvious “seeking out clients with similar values/interests to mine”.

I agree ‘passion’ is pretty hackneyed these days. You could use ‘purpose’, ‘calling’, ‘meaning’.

I hope some of that helps. Good luck with your venture!