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Hi Vax,
You are asking a lot of questions without giving folk much on which to base their suggestions.

With those limitations…

You say you won’t need a shopping cart and then you name three of them. What led you to these? Is there a reason why you have not considered Word Press or other content management systems?

WP will be the most widely used open source CMS in the world so you are unlikely to need to worry about support for it disappearing. There will be more templates available for WP than you could count and for a small fee you will own the rights to use it.

Ideally, you need to develop a plan/brief document so that you can:

  • Select a web designer/developer. (If you intend to do it yourself, it will help you choose a theme and the plug-ins you may want.)
  • Brief the designer/developer so they can cost their services
  • Plan your site structure and content. These are critical SEO factors that are usually ignored

Your plan/briefing document needs to address:

  • Objectives of website
  • How do you plan to deliver your Internet info to:
    • New clients
    • Existing clients

You should find SEO best for new clients with email and social media best for comms with existing clients when you have some.

Then you need to define:

  • Who you are
  • What you do – your business category
  • Your business by-line, if any (Eg. Avis’ old, “We try harder”)
  • Your business logo and colour scheme
  • Your prioritised services offered (bullet list)
  • Problems solved by your service (bullet list)
  • Your prioritised target customer types (bullet list)
  • Your location
  • How important is location to your target clients? (Eg How far will most be prepared to travel?)
  • Where and when will people be when they want your service? (This goes to how important mobile phone comms will be to new client discovery.)
  • Website integration with other marketing communications requirements

All of the above will help you address the design theme, what needs to display on every page, your website structure and your content. These are the basic building blocks of SEO.

SEO plug-ins don’t address any of these issues. All they do is fix technical SEO problems and speed up on page SEO implementation issues. They are all but useless without the basics in place.

If you are not prepared to invest this time in planning your site, you will most likely fail with Internet marketing.

Hope this helps get you started.