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RichLucas, post: 230836, member: 66557 wrote:
[USER=63738]@Kelly Exeter FS Editor[/USER] – thanks Kelly. I’ve taken the approach of not disclosing prices before, but there is real breadth in the variety and quality of what people call a custom guitar.

For example a popular business near me basically assembles kit-style guitar parts and paints them – and calls the result a custom guitar. Whereas I make almost every element from the raw materials and in some areas carve the timber by hand. The price of my guitars is probably 4x as much, so I feel there’s little point in pitching to the cheaper crowd.

My focus for a while will be on building my public profile, with the aim of reaching the right customer who knows my value and is looking for that degree of quality. The road to that point seems a long way off at times…

One of way of having the right audience find you is Adwords and SEO. You target keywords that have the intent you need for your business. For example, “best custom electric guitars”. The word “best” tells the searcher is after quality and hence could pay good money.