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Byron Trzeciak
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Hey Lucas, love your business.

I know guitars well just because of my brothers lifelong passion and his ever growing collection of guitars that he now has. I’ll be sure to let him know about you too.

I’m glad to hear that you’re building out a new website. While I like some of the text it generally doesn’t inspire me to purchase.

Guitarists are incredibly specific individuals, hunters for the dream tone and sound they’ve been looking for. They know the types of pickups they like, the types of bodies that suit their playing style, the neck of the guitar and the way it feels when playing.

Things like pickups, bridges, colours and all those factors are important.

I could only imagine that the guitars you make are significantly expensive? I would be pre filtering. Jump on a call with each enquiry and run them through a call sheet asking them specifically about their needs, type of player they are and more specifically their budgets.

As kelly said ensure you advice them of your ballpark figures and ask them about whether or not those prices are inline with their expectations. If they are then say you’ll do the quote and schedule a second call to run through the quote in detail. You may even want to a do a slide deck via Skype to highlight all the areas that are important to them. At the end of the call ask if they’d like to proceed?

If they don’t consider asking whether they’d be interested in being part of a mailing list so that you stay front of mind should they want to purchase in the future.