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Byron Trzeciak
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RichLucas, post: 230915, member: 66557 wrote:
[USER=56118]@Byron Trzeciak[/USER] – Guitar-collecting can be an additive thing, there are so many to acquire!

Thanks for your honest opinion, I like the idea of doing a Skype or FaceTime call. Especially since many of the enquiries I get now are from people who can’t visit my workshop in person. A mailing list is another on the to-do list. At first I was resistant to the idea as I’m not a fan of being on mailing lists. But then I also realise that I’m not most people.

Thanks again for the great ideas.

I think the key is to have a mailing list of potential customers who might not be ready to buy from you at this very moment but may in the future. You can warm them up and as Paul says establish the emotional connection of “I have to have this guitar” over time.