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Karen Koelewyn
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ccharlenej, post: 230827, member: 78135 wrote:
Hi everyone!

My name is Charlene and I am a recent fashion graduate. I have an idea which my family, as well as myself believe will be a successful idea, provided it can get off the ground. After a lot of discussion, we are actually willing to invest the time and capital necessary.

My idea can be loosely described as a fashion related social media website (I’ve done my research, my idea is nothing like what’s out there; which makes it even harder to get off the ground).

However, I have no experience or true knowledge of the skill sets required. I was thinking of finding a web-developer to enter into a partnership so that they can provide the technical knowledge to the direction I wish to expand in.

My question is this:
1) Should I look for a partner now, or should I have something concrete first? Ie. Should I pay firms to build the separate parts first, and then look for a partner once the building blocks are there.

2) No one in my social circle has the necessary skills. How do you look for a business partner in the IT/web development field?

Thank you for reading, I greatly appreciate any advice or direction given.
Hi Charlene,
It is always tricky to identify exactly what you need from an outsider perspective. Have you heard of coworking spaces? In relative terms, it is a small cost for a start-up for what you get out of it. You collaborate and network with like-minded people and you can typically find people who are willing to help you within the space. Good luck!