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This is an interesting conversations, and i must say i am interested in knowing who you are modelling your processes on (you mention an international similar operation)?

Example, the states have interesting volumes and expectations when it comes to online shopping – well actually in shopping full stop! LOL.. and it could have a negative impact if you tried to do the same here. Just applying dollar cost averaging in our market place, would mean you have higher costs per return to profit earnt.. USA may do same percentages of returns, although sales volumes would potentially be much higher and allow a better cash flow.

Personally, i would struggle to offer a free return for products if someone merely changed their mind or thought not suitable upon arrival.. Just making it too easy to have buyers remorse and renege on the purchase :( and might i say all at your expense x 2 shipping costs :( – i would understand if faulty or wrong product sent or other… but thats a dif conversation…

Interested in seeing how you opt to move forward.

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