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Well, actually it is possible that the US business charges for initial shipping…They don’t actually explicitly say anything about shipping on their website.

They do say that their exchanges are “always free” (which must include shipping as I’ve never heard of a charge for an exchange? Free would have to mean no extra cost).
While they don’t mention free returns, I know they do it from customer comments. They even accept change of mind returns on used product but they do charge shipping for that.

In any case, I have had a think about it and decided to follow some of the suggestions in the comments above.

I will offer free shipping as from personal experience it certainly provides an extra incentive to choose one store over another. This will include shipping out replacements.

I will not offer free returns for change of mind, but if there is an issue and it’s at my end (fault etc), I will cover all shipping.

The comment by [USER=54026]@arrowwise[/USER] sealed it for me – the focus should be on minimising returns not making them easy.