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Howdy Byron

In all honesty, I have found that the Herman Miller Aeron with full adjustments to be the optimal. Jus make sure you get he right size :(

There are several ways to buy, as I am sure you are aware, firstly the brand new route (preferred and I will explain why) or your can eBay them.

In eBay you might get for between $400-650 in pretty good shape – just make sure you get the right size though – very important and there are no snags in the material.

Brand new route, there are many authorised local dealers (happy to provide details of need) but the benefit of paying double the price (God can there be a benefit?) is that you get the 12 year (think from memory) warranty.

Warranties are only provided to original purchasers :( which is why I recommend new. Even at $600 more that works out to only $50 a year for warranty :)

Of course, my recommendation would only make sense if you value warranties. If not, jump onto eBay there is currently a guy that was selling 2 or 3 for $650 or best offer and size B recently out of Melbourne (I looked 2 days ago)

Cheers and happy hunting

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