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I’d like to make my case for 3 great alternatives.

So I’m an engineer. So it might be harder for someone to manage their own website / infra. Also disclaimer I’ve been previously employed by 1 of the big tech companies I’m about to mention. And I run my business helping small business making the most of their tech using some of the tools listed below.

OK. So My 3 mentions will be,
1. AWS
2. GCP
3. Self host (your own server)

A few things on using these tools though. They are simple enough to use when using basic functionality. But where they really shine is when you grow, beyond basic hosting.

These also have reasonably generous free tears, as in free forever. I have built my own site using GCP and it doesn’t cost a cent to host it. (although it’s not in word press)
My site is also under development. But is largely functional.

For self hosting. What I help some businesses with is one can setup a basic application on a small power efficient server at home. This is only as reliable as your internet connection and power provider is though.