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maksimava, post: 240441, member: 86517 wrote:
John, this just crossed my eye:

> IMO, the best tool for identifying backlinks is G Webmaster Tool. If you compare these data with any backlink checker you will find large variances. I.e. The SEO Tools aren’t accurate.

Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) only shows a fraction of your links (otherwise, third party backlink checkers wouldn’t exist): https://sites.google.com/site/webmasterhelpforum/en/faq–webmaster-tools#links So the “large variances” are a good thing. True, no SEO backlink checker is 100% accurate – but if you use at least one of them in combination with Search Console (it’s sometimes integrated right into the tools, so that’s easy), you’ll definitely be getting a more complete picture of your backlink profile.
Hi Maksimava,
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Back to your reference…

The web is full of articles like, “Which Is The Best Backlink Checker Tool? The Results Are In!” (Jun 2016)

I’m sure all the references are going to show incomplete and varying results. So let’s move on…

I suggest what is important here is a discussion about link checkers and their value/relevance to the Aust. small/micro business owners who read Flying Solo.

1. Read, Understand and Learn their Directions and Limitations
be aware that the issues of link checker tools is a vexed, debated and technically complex one in the SEO world.

You will need to learn:

  • What they measure?
  • What all the terminology means?
  • Are they meaningful?
  • Are they relevant to your market in Aust?
  • Are they up to date?
  • How do you use them?
  • When to use them?
  • Etc., etc., etc.

If you want a more detailed read, see:

2009: The Problem With Backlink Checkers And Backlink Analyzers
Author: Michael Martinez (SEO since 2000)

“It’s a sad state of affairs. The SEO community wastes a great deal of time and resources on link checking tools.”

This is an old reference but the basic issues are still there. They’ve just become more problematic with the growing complexity of G’s algorithm and the increasing gap in the tool supplier’s ability to assess it.

FS, You are going to need to have an opinion on the validity or not of these sorts of issues:

I will only offer the comment that this is probably not “the complete list”.

FS, Still want to become an SEO Tool expert?

2. Why Use a Backlink Checker?
The SEO tool suppliers jump straight to the presumption that external links MUST be part of your SE referral strategy.

Could it be they want to sell you something?

My starting point is the business owner and his/her new customer acquisition answers to these questions.

  • How many new clients can you handle per week?
  • How much disruption can you afford from poorly targeted search terms?
  • Which of your products/services do you want to promote?
  • What types of customers do you want to attract?
  • What locations do you want to service?

Check out the FS Member’s Directory

Do folk think it is an accident that members are cross linked by location and business category?

I suggest most FS members will not need any external links to attract more clients than they can manage if they target search engine referrals by a combination of business categories with location words and applications for products/services.

I’ve just helped an Aust business target the daily deals market. He’s up against the likes of:

  • allthedeals.com.au
  • dimmi.com.au
  • groupon.com.au
  • hotelscombined.com.au
  • livingsocial.com.au
  • scoopon.com.au
  • wotif.com
  • zomato.com

No links built and he’s already averaging 2 pages in the top 10 results to a benchmark performance range of 24 search terms. (None of his competitors score more than one page in the top 10 and none of them are as well targeted on customer demographics.)

More importantly, the SE referrals are rolling in and deal sign-ups are going through the roof because of the more specific customer targeting.

IMHO, any SEO service that ignores the needs of the small business marketer and their financial, time and skill resources, gives very poor advice.