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bb1, post: 240524, member: 53375 wrote:
It is good to see some of our SEO guru’s taken to task by people who actually know what they are talking about rather than my feeble attempts.

The problem with that approach Bert is you have to know your onions before you can say such a thing. For instance what make you think that any one person in the discussion “actually know what they are talking about”? (your words)

How can you possibly judge one over the other? You’re actually not able to make that observation because you don’t know enough yourself about the subject.

Which has always been my point – I would never question your skills as a gardener for the same reason, I’m simply devoid of enough knowledge to say anything about gardening.

I am completely in your hands for that stuff just as I am in my car mechanic’s hands for the cars, my accountant’s hands for the tax, my plumber’s hands for the plumbing and I could go on… I’m not qualified to argue with any of them.

What gives you judgement enough to argue with John, Masha, the other SEO people here or myself?